Types of Tatami Replacement

New (approximately 10 years)

Complete Tatami Replacement
(Recommended every 10 years)

All components including the cover, edges,
and core are replaced with new ones.
Recommended if the tatami got wet, is dented or stained.

Replacement (approximately 6 years)

Cover Replacement
(Recommended every 6 years)

Only the cover and edges are replaced with new ones.
If you want to revive the wonderful smell of igusa grass or if the core material is deteriorating, a complete tatami replacement is recommended

Difference between High-Quality and inexpensive Tatami mats

The number of igusa grass strands

Inexpensive tatami mats are made using approximately 4000 igusa strands, while high-quality mats use approximately 7000 strands.
The more strands used, the higher the durability and cushioning properties.

The shine of igusa grass strands

The better the quality of igusa grass, the more shiny and beautiful the golden color becomes even after being tanned in the sun.
The characteristic of good quality igusa is that it remains beautiful even after years of use.

The length of igusa grass strands

Longer strands are used in high-quality tatami mats.
By using long igusa grass, only the central part of the strands are used and the dried edges are cut off, resulting in a durable, high-quality tatami with less color irregularities.

Tatami mats with edge

Product Name New Tatami Cover Replacement Feature
Gokujou 極上
(Made in Japan)
¥50,000 (¥55,000 incl. tax) ¥35,000(¥38,500 incl. tax) Only the center of the best quality igusa grass is used.
Tokujou 特上
(Made in Japan)
(¥44,000 incl. tax)
(¥27,500 incl. tax)
Made with carefully selected igusa grass and woven with the masterful skills of the production farmers.
Shou 松
(Made in Japan
(¥33,000 incl. tax)
(¥22,000 incl. tax)
The tatami cover has more cushioning. It is woven with carefully selected igusa grass for their length and color.
Chiku 竹
(Made in Japan)
(¥25,300 incl. tax)
(¥18,700 incl. tax)
If you don’t know where to begin, we recommend this tatami. The quality is perfect in both durability and shine.
Bai 梅
(Made in Japan)
(¥19,800 incl. tax)
(¥13,200 incl. tax)
Well-balanced and affordable.
Yuki 雪
(Made in China)
(¥16,500 incl. tax)
(¥9,900 incl. tax)
Perfect for kids’ rooms or family rooms.
Tsuki 月
(Made in China)
(¥9,900 incl. tax)
(¥5,500 incl. tax)
Ideal for low-budget tatami replacements and for rental apartments.
Colored Cover ¥15,000
(¥16,500 incl. tax)
(¥11,000 incl. tax)
Tatami Cover with anti-bacterial treatment and easy maintenance.

Color table list

Color table list

Order Process

①Consultation & Quotation

By phone or email
Please feel free to contact us.

②Measurement or Removal

We will take measurements or remove old tatami mats on-site.
We can also move furniture for you.


We will carefully deliver and coordinate the delivery by a qualified person on site.
Same-day delivery and installation may be possible depending on the order details.


Payment is due upon confirmation of the goods.